"Access to therapy"

We facilitate access to therapy, transport of patients to health facilities and delivery of medication to patients’ homes

Access to therapy
In situations where patients with a valid prescription do not find therapy in the pharmacy, they can call the call center provided to check the availability of treatment in at least 3 local pharmacies, thus shortening the time to seek medication. This support is appropriate through medical staff trained in conducting telephone conversations with patients.

Transport of patients to health facilities
We ensure the transport of patients who are difficult to move or with various locomotor disorders from home to the health units and back, in order to carry out the treatments and investigations necessary for the pathologies with which they are taken into account.

Home delivery of medication
We provide home delivery services for patients who have a valid prescription, thus providing them with continuity in the recommended treatment regimens, without having to leave their homes, thus avoiding the exposure in crowded places of people with chronic diseases or low immunity.