If you own a company, you can be part of our projects and campaigns by directing 20% ​​of the profit tax

Until December 31, you can redirect 20% of the profit tax to our projects to support a social cause.

What does it mean to redirect 20% of the profit tax?

The redirected amount may not exceed five per thousand of turnover, and payments must be made by December 31, so that the amount can be deducted from the income tax for the fiscal year.

How can you redirect 20% of your income tax?

The way to redirect is very simple. You can calculate the amount of 20% of the profit tax and complete the sponsorship contract.

This type of sponsorship does not involve any additional expenses and does not affect the net profit of your company.
Sponsorship is fully tax deductible, if the limits imposed by the tax code are met (not to exceed 5 per thousand of turnover, and 20% of the profit tax due).

What are the benefits of redirecting 20% of corporate income tax?

The advantages of such an action are that the representatives of the companies have the freedom to choose the destination of an amount that can contribute to a noble cause, without any expense.

Your company’s contribution could also make significant progress in solving and preventing the social problems that are the subject of the ASPM mission.

Donate 20% through the sponsorship contract

After you have downloaded the form and filled it in, please upload it and send it to us using the form below.

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