Active Projects

The project "Psycho-emotional support"

We want to offer a ray of light and hope through access to free psychological counseling services.

The project "Me and my diagnosis"

We carry out medical education projects, addressed to health professionals, patients, relatives and people who provide support for chronically ill people.

Project "Access to medical investigations"

We increase access to diagnosis and treatment and provide support for the payment of medical services or therapies

The project "Access to therapy"

We facilitate access to therapy, transport of patients to health facilities and delivery of medication to patients’ homes.

The project "Increasing adherence to therapy"

We ensure the increase of the level of adherence to therapy through dedicated medical and psychological support, through personalized programs according to the patients’ needs.

The project "Nutrition professionals"

We develop partnerships with the Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania and institutions specialized in nutrition and metabolic diseases for the training of nutrition professionals for chronic patients with various diseases.

The project "Digital security"

We want the safety of children when they use their mobile phones and other electronic devices.