We are with you in the fight for the better

Who we are

ASPM is a non-governmental organization that was born out of a desire to support vulnerable people in order to have support and access to medical education and a higher level of quality of life. Our team members have over 13 years of experience and consist of nurses, psychologists, physicians, medical staff and the development of Patient Support Programs.

How we carry out our projects

ASPM projects have emerged over time on an essential pillar of the concept of support, namely patient care. Directly proportional to this aspect and equally important in terms of priorities, the team members and the principles of the association have another common denominator: performance. 

Thus, the ASPM campaigns were born, which perfectly incorporate the support offered to patients and relatives with the support of communities and society.

What are we doing

The association aims to create, implement and develop projects to support people with health problems, patients and people at risk of illness in difficulty. Through the implemented projects we want to offer these people an optimal level of health and increase the quality of life.

How can you join our struggle

We are looking for health professionals to help us in our Projects and Campaigns or you can support us with a donation.