"Increasing adherence to therapy"

We ensure the increase of the level of adherence to therapy through dedicated medical and psychological support, through personalized programs according to the patients’ needs.

Studies have shown that 50% of medicines for chronic diseases are not administered as recommended.

Adherence to treatment is important for preventing disease progression and preventing complications.

In order to have a better adherence to the treatment, we provide a specialized medical call center to all patients who want to be reminded of the date and time to administer their therapies.

By patient compliance or adherence is meant the degree to which a patient follows the doctor’s recommendation.

Adherence to the treatment regimen refers both to long-term adherence to medication and to lifestyle changes.

Adherence to the therapeutic scheme is the key factor of a good doctor-patient relationship.

Undetected, the patient’s non-compliance (non-compliance with the prescribed treatment) as well as low adherence to chronic treatment (discontinuation, discontinuation or reduction of the treatment regimen) have, in addition to compromising the therapeutic result and other consequences:

  • Aggravation of the condition;
  • Decreased quality of patient life;
  • Socio-emotional suffering from relatives;
  • Increased economic costs through the use of emergency services, hospitalizations, more expensive therapeutic alternatives, additional diagnostic procedures;
  • Social costs represented by distrust in the body and the health system.

The first step to better patient compliance is to pick up (buy) the medication prescribed by the doctor.